Deploy and Manage native Docker Swarm Clusters with Rancher.

Docker Swarm is a native Docker cluster manager that allows users to treat a group of Docker hosts as a single Docker Engine. Rancher provides a complete platform for running Docker Swarm and makes it simple for teams to instantly spin up clusters, and define access control policies.

Deploy Docker Swarm clusters with a single click.

Rancher makes deploying and managing Docker Swarm environments a breeze. With Rancher, IT teams can define policies for deploying clusters, adding hosts, and controlling access to systems, while maintain enterprise-wide visibility and control.

Deploy and Manage Docker Swarm Clusters

Building a Docker Swarm cluster takes just a few minutes. Any authorized user can create a cluster, give it a name, and define whom to share it with. Once the cluster is defined, the user can add virtual or physical servers from anywhere into the cluster, and Rancher will automatically set up the Docker Swarm environment, deploy the swarm manager, and scale the cluster as hosts are added.

Complete User Interface for Swarm

Rancher includes a rich user interface that makes it easy for teams to manage Docker Swarm clusters. With Rancher’s UI you can deploy and manage Docker Swarm services and containers, as well as get full visibility and control over hosts, storage pools, and registries. Rancher makes it easy for teams to learn Docker Swarm and quickly start deploying complex applications.

Application Catalog

Rancher provides a powerful application catalog on top of Docker Swarm that makes it possible to package Docker Compose files as templates, store them in a Git repo, and share them across your organization. Users can then configure and deploy complex applications, such as distributed databases, monitoring stacks, Hadoop clusters with a single click.

Complete Open-Source Docker Management Platform

Rancher is an open source project that heavily leverages the amazing open-source projects Docker has created. Docker, Docker Machine, Docker Compose and Docker Swarm all are critical projects that we’ve leveraged to build a powerful platform for managing infrastructure and running applications reliably. You can find both the Rancher and Docker communities on Github, file issues, contribute fixes, and get involved.

At Rancher Labs, we’ve provide world-class support for companies running Rancher, to deliver Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Docker in critical production environments.